International activities - home away from home

Everyone is warmly welcome to join in the activities of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Membership of the church is not required for participation in parish activities.

We have regular Worship Services at the Noljakka Church. Other activities are also organized. You'll be best informed if you follow our Facebook-site, link below. You can reach church workers via phone, WhatsApp and email. If you have questions, need help or just want to talk with someone; do not hesitate to contact us.

Worship Services in Noljakka Church, Kervilänkuja 2. 

We have monthly bilingual (Finnish-English) Worship Services in Noljakka Church. Address: Kervilänkuja 2, 80140 Joensuu. The Worship Service begins at 12 noon. Here are the dates for the coming Worship Services in spring 2023.

Sunday May 28th 12 noon.

Starting from June 2023 Worship Services in Noljakka begin at 1 pm. In summer months (June, July and August) worship services are in Finnish and every second week so, that the first worship service in June is on Sunday June 11th at 1 pm.


II kappalainen
Joensuun seurakunta
Kirkkokatu 28
80100 Joensuu